“Topping Off Is Stealing”

Glenn Koenen

Late Saturday afternoon I realized I’d never had lunch.  I hit the lower-cost items on a fast food menu and added a large drink.

Lunch accomplished, as I got ready to leave the restaurant I refilled my cup with ice and ice tea, hearing a manager type proclaim, “Topping off is stealing.”

Okay.  The restaurant lacks signs saying “No Refills;” most restaurants provide free refills on tea (many refill soda too); and, well, I can’t imagine a self-serve half-serving of tea costing the place more than a couple of pennies.

Oh, I can imagine an earnest meeting of managers and assistant managers huddled about a memo from “corporate” bemoaning lost profits due to profligate refillers.  (That followed the discussion on giving just one ketchup packet with each order of fries at the drive thru.)  Likewise, I can almost hear management telling the drones to discourage free second drinks.

Yet, in the grand scheme of the universe isn’t it absurd to worry about drink refills?

Of course, absurd is the new normal…

This is 2018: @realDonaldTrump declassifies a Top Secret @FBI memo because he’s at war with the agency, and in Missouri @EricGreitens won’t tell us when he downloaded @confide on his phone because…terrorism           [Post Dispatch’s Tony Messenger tweet]

So Mueller was appointed using #FakeEvidence to investigate a #FakeCrime, promoted by the #FakeNews, spending #RealTaxpayerMoney[re-posted by a former west county mayor]

Things change but, since we’re past 1984, the past doesn’t always get updated…

It’s not even a sin anymore to eat meat on Friday but I’ll betcha there are still some guys in Hell doing time on the meat rap, right?   George Carlin

Perhaps it’s best that we all just keep moving forward, looking towards 2020, not caring that topping off is stealing.

Submitted by Glenn Koenen, WCD Member

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