In a significant step toward consolidation and sustainability, the Executive Board of the Chesterfield Township Democrats announced it will sponsor elections for officers of the nascent political organization for 2018-2019.  To be sure that the thousands of progressives and democrats in Ellisville, Clarkson Valley Chesterfield and Wildwood have viable active representation to the Missouri Democratic Party in the coming months and years, elections for four officer positions will be held at the meeting scheduled for Tuesday, March 6th.

Offices seeking nominees are 2 Co-chair positions (1 for a one year term and 1 for a 2 year term), CTD secretary for a 2 year term  and CTD treasurer for a 2 year term.  Currently those offices are held by CTD members who voluntarily stepped up last year to help form Chesterfield Township Democrats in response to the veritable absence of Progressive/Democratic resources in West County.  “During the past election cycle, Chesterfield had no operating Democratic club or organization to represent its sizable population of Democrats and Progressives who live out here.”  Said Brian Legate, CTD Committeeman.  “This sizable block of voters needs a focus point and a voice in the region and the state.” 

A nomination form is presently on the website at and people are encouraged to nominate their friends or themselves.  The only qualification is that a nominee be a member in good standing of CTD, that is . . . dues paid.  “We still have a lot of organization development to accomplish.”  said Sue McCool, acting Co-Chair of CTD.  “We need to adopt some bylaws and procedures.  We have several ad-hoc committees that need oversight, leadership and membership and we need to find a way to integrate ourselves further into this community.” 

Here are the essential duties of the positions for which nominations are being sought:

Co-Chair (2 Positions, 1 2 year term; 1 one year term served simultaneously, alternating meeting responsibilities.)

1.  Chair and Lead monthly Executive Council & Membership meetings including development of agendas, securing of speakers and compiling of minutes.

2.  Direct formation of standing committees and assure results.

3.  Communicate with Committee persons, other township clubs and independent clubs and the regional Democratic Party organization.

4.  Report regularly on CTD activities, initiatives and progress.

5.  Direct and oversee the continued organizational development of CTD by directing and overseeing committee activity.


1.  Attends Executive Council and Membership meetings.

2.  Documents proceeding of meetings.

3.  Compiles and reports minutes of each meeting.

4.  Facilitates coordination of communication with communitees.

5.  Assists chair in conducting meetings and coordinating committee activity.


1.  Regularly accounts for and documents CTD financial assets. 

2. Maintains bank account and issues checks for documented CTD expenses incurred at the direction of the Executive Committee or officers.

3. Ensures compliance with Missouri Ethics Commission guidelines.

4. Prepares and monitors an annual CT budget.

5.  Provides and issues monthly financial reports to membership and officers.

Nominations will be accepted up to and including March 6 at which time an election will be conducted. Any interested person is encouraged to download and complete the nomination form which is attached.  Return it via email on-line, in person at the February 6th General Membership Meeting (Daniel Boone Branch of the St. Louis Public library, 6:30 pm) or via mail to:

Mark Kumming

16821 Chesterfield Bluffs Circle

Chesterfield, MO. 63005.

Nominations will close at the convening of the March 6th meeting.  Any member of CTD is eligible to hold an office regardless of home address. 



Complete and submit this nomination form indicating your intention to stand for an officer position for CHESTERFIELD TOWNSHIP DEMOCRATS, a township represented by committee persons to the Missouri Democratic Party.

NAME:  ____________________________________

OFFICE  SOUGHT: (Circle OR Underline Desired Office) 

Co-chair  (1 Year Term)

Co-Chair (2 Year Term)

Secretary (2 year Term

Treasurer (2 Year Term)

CONTACT INFO:  (E-mail or Facebook address, or Phone Number)


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