Why We Need True Campaign Finance Reform

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Glenn Koenen

As usual, Jason Hancock at the Kansas City Star did a great job digging into a complicated political story.

This week’s vote to replace Will Krauss in the Missouri Senate, not unexpectedly, kept the seat in Republican hands.

More interesting is who paid for State Representative Mike Cierpiot’s promotion: obscure “third party” shell money launderers.

American Democracy Alliance — $350,000
In 2015 that group only booked $150,000. Magically, it gains a ton of cash flow every election year. Jewel Patek began as an “aw-shucks” good ole boy rural legislator. Now he’s a well dressed lobbyist and an officer of this group. [EIN: 26-0623149]

Missouri Alliance For Freedom — $110,000
Last fiscal year they showed an operating loss of $239,921.06 yet still stayed in business. Like Patek group, they’re based in Kansas City. [EIN: 46-3981822]

Now, David Humpreys of Joplin, Stan Herzog of St. Joe and a few other known GOP big buckers openly gave money which got funneled to Cierpiot’s benefit (if not his campaign). The question remains, who else gave using third=parties – and what do they think they’ve bought with their investments?

Next year we can expect hundreds of “third party” groups to shovel millions into Republican campaigns.


Submitted by Glenn Koenen, WCD Member

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